The origins of OKC started when I decided to build an outdoor kitchen in my own backyard.  It was a gruelling process and a time investment at that. Fortunately, my father is a General Contractor and he was there to bail me out when I got stuck.  In the end, the outcome was terrific and my BBQ soon became the focal point in my backyard.  My friends and family members all wanted to have functions at my home because of the outdoor entertaining area.  It is the single greatest home renovation project I have ever done!

I learned a great deal throughout the process, especially from the challenges which occurred and the lessons learned during the planning and purchasing of the equipment. I had a difficult time finding people who were knowledgeable about the products that peeked my interest.  It seemed as if I, the average cook, was more knowledge about grills and components than store the employees. Unfortunately, I ended up buying components that had to be quickly replaced because of their lack of durability and functionality.

Reflecting on my experience and growing body of knowledge and passion for grilling along with the expertise of my father, Brad Stilkey, I decided I had something of value that I could offer others… I wanted to serve as the middle man and helping hand for others who are interested in outdoor kitchens.  Alas, Outdoor Kitchen Creations was born.

I can share my knowledge on the ins and outs and pros and cons of various grills and BBQ components on the market.  OKC sells and installs only the finest products on the market.  We custom build your outdoor kitchen on site, not in a factory or warehouse.  We use the finest quality construction materials to deliver the most durable and weather-resistant outdoor kitchens around.

We pride ourselves on exceptional customer service and will make your purchasing experience a very pleasant one. We provide services and products to guide you through the journey— before, during and after your purchase.

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